Sunday, August 25

Happy days

Is it too early to be making Halloween goodies? Not at UME HQ :-)

Friday, August 31

Venom WIP

Venom WIP, originally uploaded by [rich].

Here's a sculpt I've been working on today - based on this scribble I did a while back>

Monday, August 22

Tiki for auction

Tiki for auction, originally uploaded by [rich].

Here's a little WIP of a tiki I'm doing that will be up for auction soon, all proceeds to a great cause.

Thursday, June 9

Juneathon day 9

The beard, originally uploaded by [rich].

Coming up to week 3 of the beard :-D he's coming along nicely... Juneathon was 3 miles walking today.

Saturday, April 10


Bot!, originally uploaded by [rich].

How great has the weather been today :-D lots and lots done and also started back on the bike, a quick spin around the block (3 miles) :-D

Tuesday, February 2

1 mile again

Skull 033, originally uploaded by [rich].

Really found it hard to get a run in over the last few days due to DIY and working - made sure that I jumped on the mill for a quick 1 miler, well sort of quick 8:50 minutes.

Friday, February 22

Hello and goodbye...

Hi all

Blogger has been a little corner of the cyberweb that I've been using for the last few years now - but I'm off to pastures new.

You can read my blog over here from now on - I hope you all up update your bookmarks and follow me over.

See you on the darkside.